Koh Phangan Visa Requirements

Tourist Visa or Visa Exemption Thailand/'s Visa requirements explained
Thailand Visa Requirements

You have booked your stay at Serenity Villa and are excited about your trip to Koh Phangan, but confused about what visa to get? Don’t worry about the constantly changing visa types and requirements in Thailand. Let us help you. We composed a comprehensive guide with all your visa options for long and short stay travel.

The visa options might look confusing on the first look and vary dependent on your citizenship, however the visa types are very similar for each.

Visa on Arrival / Visa exemption

Thailand Visa Requirements

The most common visa, is the so called Tourist Visa or Visa on Arrival. If you are visiting Koh Phangan solely for the typical short stay holiday, a Tourist Visa or Visa on arrival is all you need. The Tourist Visa does not allow any work or study within Thailand and is usually valid for up to 30 days. The term Tourist Visa is misleading as strictly speaking this is not a Visa, but a Visa Exemption, available to tourists from 55 countries, including the UK, US, Australia and Russia. As a tourist, you are not permitted to work in Thailand or conduct any business in Thailand.

You normally will get the Visa Exemption on arrival in Thailand. The visa exemption simply is a stamp in your passport upon arrival at an international airport, or one of the land border checkpoints.

What do you need for the Tourist Visa?

  • A return ticket, showing the date of departure
  • Funds of at least Thai Bhat 10, 000 per person and
  • A Passport that is valid for at least six months post the day of arrival.

Multiple Entry Visa/ Real Tourist Visa

The Visa On Arrival / Visa exemption only permits one entry to Thailand. If you plan to tour around the area and travel in and out of Thailand multiple times, you will need to apply for a different kind of visa and you need to do so in advance. The Visa you need to apply for is the actual Tourist Visa. The Tourist Visa is valid for 6 months and allows multiple stays for leisure purpose for up to 60 days each.

We know Koh Phangan is addictive and many of our guests like to extend their stay at Serenity Villa. Whenever the Booking schedule allows for it we are happy to extend your stay, however it is important that you don’t overstay the duration of the short-stay visa. The Thai authorities will issue hefty fines for this and won’t permit you to leave the country until the fines are paid.

If you aren’t able to pay the fines, you risk a prison sentence and to be black listed from ever entering Thailand again. So if you wish to extend your stay, make sure to check with the Thai Embassy on legal options to get a Visa extension before your visa expires. If you have more questions please comment below.

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