Terms & Conditions

1.    Terms and Conditions

Payment of the booking fee constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2.    Number of Persons, Noise, Parties and Functions

Property is for guests only. The number of occupants residing must not exceed the number of persons shown on your booking confirmation. Any increase in numbers must be agreed in advance and may incur additional fees.

3.    Check-in and Check-out

a.    Check-in is available from 2pm on the day of arrival.

b.    Check-out is 10am on the day of departure.

c.    Early Check in / Late Check-out
We will try to accommodate requests for early check-in/late check-out, however they are subject to availability (i.e. other bookings in place, cleaners available to accommodate the request, maintenance schedule) and fees may apply. Despite any early applications, approval will only be granted 1-2 days prior to entry/departure if available. Early requests do not guarantee early access/late checkout unless a full day’s rate is paid. Guests are required to contact us 1-2 working days prior to the date of the early     check-in/late check-out to make final arrangements which will be recorded in the booking details.

4.    Keys

Keys will be available at the property upon arrival.

Guests will be provided with 2 sets of the keys by the Property Manager.

5.    Linen

a.    Linen and bathroom towels are provided. (We supply linen, pillows, blankets and towels)

b.    Beach towels are not provided.

c.    If you request additional cleaning and/or linen this can be arranged at additional cost.

6.    Deposit

The full booking payment is due at the time of booking.

7.    Security Bond / Deposit

a.   Deposit: One guest’s passport is the only deposit required. It is a non-negotiable requirement of Serenity Villa, that you provide a passport of one of the guests as a security bond for the villa. Our Property Manager will secure your passport in a safe in the kitchen in within Serenity Villa.

Your passport will never leave the house and will be handed back to you at check-out after the final inspection.

No additional security bond or deposit is needed. It is common practice on the island to secure a passport of one of the guests to ensure the property is left undamaged. Unfortunately, in the past tourists have damaged villas and were untraceable, forcing the rental companies to insist on the passport as a security.

Please be assured: We know our Property Manager very well. We have worked with her for many years and guarantee you that your passport is safely stored in within the safe in Serenity Villa. Your password will be returned when you leave the villa upon a final satisfactory inspection.

b.    Bond deductions are rare, however when we need to make a claim to compensate for damages caused, we will do so at the time of check-out or when you notified us about the damage, whichever is earlier.

Please note: If you have caused any damage to the Villa or its property you will need to settle the account in order to receive your passport back. The sooner you inform our Property Manager, of damages that happened, the sooner she will be able to get it fixed and settle the account with you.

c.    Any damage, loss or expense incurred by Management as a result of your breach of these Terms & Conditions will be charged to the guests. Examples of this include but are not limited to any breakage, damage or excess cleaning requirements, extra guests beyond those declared.

d.    If a claim is made, we will provide a detailed statement on the expenses occurred and transfer the remaining funds back to your account immediately.

e.    If considerable administration is required and a 2,400THB admin fee will apply.

8.    Cancellations and Date Changes

Accommodation fees are refundable in certain circumstances as outlined below:

a.   If cancellation notification is received 8 weeks prior to your booking commencement, a non-refundable administration fee of 2,400 THB will be retained, with all other monies being fully returned to you.

b.    If a guest requests to cancel less than 8 weeks prior to the booking, we will relist the property and endeavour to re-book the villa for those dates. If the property cannot be let again for the exact same period, cancellations will result in a loss of the booking amount for the total period that cannot be re-let. A 2,400 THB admin fee also applies. Where the villa is re-let at the same dates and the same rate, only a non-refundable admin fee of 2,400 THB will be retained, with any other monies paid being returned to you.

dates and the same rate, only a non-refundable admin fee of 2,400 THB will be retained, with any other monies paid being returned to you.

c.    If there is only a short lead time left available to get a replacement booking, a discount may be applied to the rate, the loss due to the refund will be charged to you in addition to the 2,400 THB admin fee, any other monies will be fully refunded to you.

d.    If you arrive and decide to leave early, the nights not spent are not refunded.

e.    The following scenarios apply:

f.     If we can rebook your dates for the same rate, the entire funds will be refunded less a 2,400 THB admin fee.

g.    If we need to discount the property to rebook the original dates booked, we will refund your funds minus the loss incurred through the discounted rate and minus 2,400 THB admin fee.

h.    If a replacement booking is not secured, the guest will forfeit any funds paid.

i.      Cleaning fees are always refunded if the guest cancels before check-in.

j.      We recommend that you take out a Holiday Cancellation Insurance Policy.

k.    All booking, cancellation and date changes have to be notified via email to serenityvilla27@gmail.com. All communication will be confirmed via return email.

9.    Date Changes

Date changes are only possible at our discretion and depend on availability.

10. Changes made by us

All bookings are made in good faith of ongoing holiday letting by owners, however maybe subject to change and we cannot accept responsibility for events which are outside our control, e.g. earthquake, tsunami, strike…

Reasonable actions will be made by us to offer alternative accommodation should this occur.

11. Property Presentation

The description of the premises is given in good faith. From time to time, minor changes occur at the property, e.g. landscaping, change of outdoor furniture, linen colour etc. – no responsibility for such minor modifications will be accepted.

12. Indemnity

a.    Guests actions, conduct and safety are the responsibility of the guests. The owners of this property do not condone unsafe, irresponsible or illegal actions/behaviour etc. on or off the premises, during a stay or at any other time.

b.    A condition of entering and/or staying at this property means that all guests understand and agree to indemnify the agent and owner(s) against any responsibility or action(s) (legal or other), due to any action(s), incident(s), loss or injury(s) while within or outside of the premises (including, but not limited to, the grounds, facilities, structures, etc.) during a stay or at any other time.

13. No Smoking

For the comfort of all our guests, our villa is non-smoking. Any damages caused by smoking on or inside the premises will be taken from bond.

14. Excess Cleaning, Damages and Charges

We kindly request guests to leave the property as it was found to avoid extra cleaning charges. This includes washing dishes and placement of rubbish in the bins provided.

Failure to clean the property will occur a 1,000 THB cleaning fee. Excessively dirty walls/floors and linen will be charged extra.

15. Damages

In the event of breakages, damages and lost items, we request that guests contact the Property Manager to report the incident. We appreciate that usual wear and tear can occur, however unusual damages may be deducted from bond (or credit card supplied if the charges are higher than the bond processed).

16. Movement of Items Within Property

We have a strict policy not to move items or furniture (indoor and/or outdoor) within the property. Movements may cause unnecessary damage to items and the property itself and can cause excess cleaning time due to complex housekeeping inventory checks. Any damages/excess cleaning caused by movement of items or furniture will be taken from bond.

17. Internet

a.    We provide wireless internet for guests for the purpose of email, perusing social media and web browsing. It is not provided for video streaming or downloading e.g. movies/shows. Usage is not unlimited and is monitored by our internet provider.

b.    Excess usage may be charged and deducted from bond.

c.    If guests require excess usage please contact us prior to your booking, so we can arrange for the purchase of an extra data package at additional cost.

d.    That only legal usage of the internet is permitted and that goes without saying.

18. Lost Keys / Keys Locked Inside

If guests lose keys or lock keys inside the property and require access, a call out fee for the Property Manager will apply. If replacement keys need to be cut and a key barrels need to be replaced, the guests need to pay a replacement fee of 5,000 THB to compensate the costs.

19. Rubbish Collection and Excess Rubbish

We requests guests put all rubbish in the appropriate bins provided outside no later than the night before collection.

20. Personal and Lost Property

a.    No responsibility will be taken by us for guest’s personal property.

b.    If items are left at the villa, we will contact the cleaners to determine whether the items were located. If located, guests are required to provide a postage paid, return addressed envelope to the villa for the items to be returned. Return costs and tracking of items are the guest’s responsibility.

21. Your other Responsibilities

·         You must comply with all applicable Terms and Conditions and the Property Manager concerning occupancy, property, health, safety and quiet enjoyment of the property.

·         You are responsible for damage, breakages, theft and loss at the property and any part of it during your stay. You must notify us of this immediately. Management may recover from you repair or replacement cost (at Management’s discretion).

·         DAY GLOW BODY PAINT: Colourful body paint that glows in the dark from the Full Moon Part at Haad Rin Beach or street stalls, please be mindful of the property on your return. DAY GLOW paint and many other body paints do not wash off and are not removable from bed sheets, linen or furniture.  You are responsible for damage to any property. Please make sure you shower and clean of properly before re-entering the house or going to sleep. If paint gets in contact with bedding, towels or furniture, we will have to recover the cost from your security bond.

·         Only the guests nominated and agreed in the booking may stay in the property overnight. If any other guests stay, extra charges may apply or the agreement may be terminated without refund.

·         Before departure, all food must be removed from fridges, all rubbish put in the appropriate council rubbish bins provided. Crockery and cutlery must be washed and packed away. The property must be left in a clean and tidy condition. If the property is left unclean a cleaning fee of 1,000 THB occurs.

·         Should the cleaning fee be more than the usual cost for cleaning the property, you will be charged accordingly. The additional costs over and above the normal cleaning fee are payable before departure.

·         All furniture and furnishings must be left in the position they were in when you arrived.

·         The property should be vacated on time and secured. All windows and doors are to be locked. All keys must be returned to the Property Manager.

·         You are responsible for the safekeeping and replacement of accommodation keys. Duplicate keys will be provided at an additional charge.

·         Smoking is not permitted in the Villa.

Long term tenants are responsible to pay their own electricity. Long term tenants need to pay for the electricity they use during their stay. The Tenant and the Property Manager will read the electricity meter at check-in and check-out. Electricity will be charged accordingly to the meter reading in accordance with the power provider.

Long term tenants also will have to pay a 1,000 THB cleaning fee at the end of their lease.


a.    In the case of any problem or complaint, you must inform the Property Manager at the earliest opportunity so we have a chance to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. You must allow repair/service access to the property during reasonable hours.

b.    Any complaint, which cannot be resolved locally, must be notified in writing to us or the Property Manager prior to departure from the property.

c.    Failure to follow this procedure this may hinder the ability of Management to rectify the problem or complaint and reduce or extinguish any claim you may have.

d.    We recommend all guests purchase travel insurance since Management are not responsible for any injuries, illness or accidents that may occur whilst staying on Koh Phagnan and at our property.

23. Licence not a Tenancy

The booking with us is not a Residential Tenancy Agreement under the Residential Tenancy Legislation. Failure to comply with any of the guest’s fundamental obligations and the terms and conditions of the property may result in immediate termination and eviction. Refunds will not be paid on terminated occupancies.

Click here for a printable version of the Serenity Villa Holiday Rental Terms and Conditions.