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LOMPRAYAH – Catch the High Speed Catamaran to come to Koh Phangan


Ferry travel is the way to travel to Koh Phangan. It doesn’t really matter if you come via Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Samui or elsewhere in Thailand at the end of the day you will catch the Lomprayah or the Seatran Discovery to come to Koh Phangan.

Several boat companies run a daily shuttle between Koh Samui, Koh Tao or the Sura Thani mainland and Koh Phangan but the departure times vary greatly and can change daily with little or no notice. So you are better off to allow some extra time and be a bit flexible with your travel plans.

Koh Phangan’s two main piers are Thong Sala in the west of the island and Koh Phangan’s party centre Haad Rin in the south (the Full Moon Beach).

Thong Sala is the main town of Koh Phangan and the number one spot where you find all your instant travel needs e.g. banks, currency exchangers, car hire, bus services, local pubs, and a nice few restaurants. Most importantly Thong Sala pier is where you’ll normally arrive and where our Property Manager will pick you up. We strongly recommend calling our Property Manager and advice of your travel times once you have boarded the ferry.

But don’t worry if you missed the last ferry to Thong Sala – we can also pick you up at Haad Rin pier.

If you travel over mainland Thailand you will get to Koh Phangan via Chumphon or Sura Thani. We recommend Surat Thani as this is the quicker option. (All boats from Chumphon drive via Koh Tao, which adds an hour and a half to your trip.) Most ferries from Surat Thani stop in Koh Samui first.

Lomprayah also offer a new fast connection between Don Sak and Thong Sala, which takes you straight to Thong Sala in only 45 minutes.

Flying Air Asia to Surat Thani you can include the transfer in your airfare. Simply mention Koh Phangan as your destination when you book the flight and your shuttle bus from Surat Thani Airport to Don Sak Pier and the ferry ride to Thong Salad Pier will be included in your plane ticket to Sura Thani.

Alternatively you can just catch the shuttle bus or a cab when you arrive and book your ferry ticket in one of the many little travel agencies at the port. Please bear in mind that the bus takes at least 90 minutes to get from the airport to the ferry port. You’re best to allow 3 hours from the arrival of your plane and the planned departure of the ferry. The ferry itself takes approximately an hour.

 If you fly in from Bangkok, you are best to take a connecting flight to Koh Samui, which departs hourly and takes about 60 minutes. From Koh Samui you can catch the ferry to Koh Phangan.

From Mae Nam on Koh Samui it’s only a 20 minute ride on the Lomprayah catamaran to Koh Phangan.

From Bang Rak on Koh Samui you catch the Seatran Discovery that will get you to Thong Sala in half an hour.

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