The top 5 Beaches on Koh Phangan

Bottle Beach - one ot the must do's on Koh Phangan

A holiday on Koh Phangan is not complete without a visit to the beach, or two or three for that matter. Koh Phangan boosts 40 km of coastline and has countless stunning beaches on offer. If you have been to the islands a few times, you are sure to have your favourite spots already. However if you are new to KPG you might be overwhelmed by the choices or simply wonder where to go off the beaten track. We make it easy for you and have listed our top 5 beaches on Koh Phangan off all times.

#1 Bottle Beach

If I want to relax Bottle Beach is my favourite spot on the island. Bottle Beach is also known as Haad Khuad and set in the top north of the islands. Despite of the resort next door it is as tranquil as it gets as it is only accessible by boat or a longish jungle hike, no drunken tourists to stumble upon here. Simply catch a charter boat from Chaloklum. The long tail takes you there in about 1 hour.

#2 Malibu Beach

Malibu Beach in Chaloklum is on eof Koh Phangan's most beautiful beaches

There is no doubt: Malibu Beach in Chaloklum is the one most beautiful beach of the islands. The white sand stretches along the northern coast and is becoming increasingly popular due to its stunning jungle setting but still fairly quiet when you go out of peak season. Enjoy the palm trees and snow-white sand, swim in the dead-flat waters. Malibu Beach has barely any waves and of course don’t leave without a massage in one of the beach huts. Be warned though: Malibu Beach and its massages are highly addictive.

#3 Leela Beach

Leela Beach also known as Seekantang is a dream beach in the south-east of Koh Phangan in Haad Riin. Leela beach is easily accessible by road however still remote and quiet enough to make you think you are alone in paradise. Stunning white sand stretches as far as the eye can see and the super shallow water makes Leela Beach ideal and safe for families with small kids.

#4 Haad Salad

The beach of Haad Salad in the west of the island is a picture perfect spot to relax and swim. Right in front of it is the long stretched sandbank, the waters are crystal clear and the adjoining restaurants offer perfect snacks when the hunger sets in.

#5 Mae Haad Beach – the very special beach with the mini-island Koh Ma

Back to the islands north, as you might have noticed, my favourite side of the island, is Mae Haad Beach. Turquoise waters and super fine white sand are surrounded by palm trees that offer plenty shade – as if that was not enough of paradise, Mae Haad also shares a sandbank with the little islands of Koh Ma. Simply take a romantic stroll over to this seemingly untouched bit of paradise. This is heart to beat!

Of course there is an abundance more of stunning beaches on Koh Phangan. If you visit a beach that you think should be added to our list, please comment below. Or just let us know what you think of our favourite spots in paradise.

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