Top Five attractions to visit on Koh Phangan

Guests who are new to the island keep asking us for tips on what to do. Of course it all depends on your time and interests, however the below are our personal Top Five attractions to visit on Koh Phangan. If you haven’t ticked these boxes, you haven’t been to Koh Phangan.


#1 Bottle Beach Bottle Beach - one ot the must do's on Koh Phangan

With 40 km of coastline Koh Phangan has numerous fantastic beaches to offer. My favourite spot for some chilled beach time is: Bottle Beach aka Haad Khuad in the north of the Island. It is picture perfect set in lush jungles with long white sandy beaches. You’ll find it is as peaceful and remote as it gets. It’s only accessible by boat or a 1.5-hour tropical jungle hike and hence free of drunk tourists or party crowds. If you opt for the boat ride, charter a long tail from Chaloklum Bay. The trip around Koh Phangan’s rugged coast alone would be worth to make it to the Top Five attractions to visit on Koh Phangan.

Either option makes for a perfect day trip with plenty of time to relax, have lunch and enjoy a drink! To get an idea: Click here to watch our video that I shot on our last trip over.

#2 Massage on the beach

You haven't been to Koh Phangan if you didn't grab a Massage on the Beach!

One of my Koh Phangan highlights is the massage on the beach, followed by a cocktail in the resort next door. The starting point for this trip is again the fishing village of Chaloklum Bay. Beautiful Malibu Beach is pretty spectacular with warm waters and perfect sand, surrounded by palms and trees and perfect for swimming as there are barely any waves. No doubt after a massage and a drink on the beach, you’ll understand why it is one of my Top Five attractions to visit on Koh Phangan.

The Thong Sala night markets are a must for all Koh Phangan visitors#3 The Night Markets in Thong Salaad

Thong Salaad is Koh Phangan’s capital and main shopping precinct, it’s Night Markets are something special, a real must see. You can buy pretty much everything on the open-air markets, but make sure you are hungry. It’s one of the rare locations in Thailand where tourists pay the same and get the same as the locals. Try original curries, seafood, and grilled fish or meat or enjoy a traditional Pad Thai or stir fry. The Thong Salaad Night Markets are the perfect place to experience authentic Thai street food and culture.

#4 The Ice Creamery Another highlight that is onlky a nice walk from Serenity Villa Koh Phangan - Phangan Homemade Icecream

After trying many different places that sell ice cream on the island, I can promise you the Ice Creamery is by far the best. It is conveniently located in Baan Nai Suan, just a seven five minutes motorbike ride from Serenity Villa. The ice crem is home made and if your timing is right you can even watch tehm make it freshly. The portions are huge and they have lots and lots of interesting flavours. The coconut is the best you have ever eaten, choclate and mango are also to die for and best enjoyed straight out of a fresh young coconut. If you are more adventurous: Try pumpkin, jack fruit, Duria, and green tea. P.S.: A plus most flavours are made without cows-milk. A big thumbs up for the vegan options.

Around the corner from Serenity Villa Koh Phangan is the Phaeng Waterfall

#5 Phaeng Waterfall

Let me be straight here: You can’t expect the Niagara Falls but if you visit in the Rain Season you won’t be disappointed. Phaeng Waterfalls are a beautiful sight with lots of wildlife along in the Thansadej National Park. . So when heading for the Ice Creamery, pack your trainers and take the short but steep 250 metre hike to the Phaeng Waterfall. Be rewarded with a swim in the rock pool. Just another 200 odd metres up the trail leads you to the top of mountain Khao Ra peak and its fantastic viewpoint.

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